Enquiry Management: Avoiding deadends …

It is probably stating the obvious, that in order to Qualify Enquiries and progress to Nurturing Prospects, it is essential to capture appropriate data regarding the Enquiry. Unless this is done, it is simply not possible to build a CRM database and progress prospects through the Sales Funnel.

Or is it that obvious, given that their are many examples of companies who fail to capture data. For example, we recently came across a company, who went to the trouble of pre-announced the availability of their product via a PR campaign and trade shows, and in addition provided a website with the ability to "preorder" their product. However their Sales Funnel terminates, at the "Where To Buy" page of the website, with the message …

"Sorry not currently available in your area". 

Website - Where to Buy - Germany (Edit)

Note: Branding has been removed from the example web page, to protect the identity of the site owner.

Although this is obviously intended as a "holding statement", the site offers no other options to Register visitors, thus no data is captured. Therefore the company has no possibility to proactively follow up with appropriate communication, when the product does become available in the area.  The company are therefore discarding potential leads.

ROI Measurement.

Appropriate data capture of enquiries is the fundamental building block  for any Lead Management programme and enables more robust measurement of the effectiveness of Lead Generation activities. Instead of relying on simplistic measurements, such as Advertising Equivalent Spend, Site Visits, etc, which focus on potential awareness, it becomes possible to measure the effectiveness and velocity of the Sales Funnel, based upon measurable Leads and Conversions.