LightSquared (September 2009 – March 2011)


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LightSquared is building a state-of-the-art, open wireless broadband network across the United States. Utilising 4G LTE technology, integrated with satellite coverage, LightSquared will offer network capacity on a wholesale-only basis to a variety of business partners. 

Light the Fuse were engaged on an long term consultancy assignment, during both pre and post transaction phases of Harbinger Capital Partners take private of SkyTerra, which resulted in the formation of LightSquared. Light the Fuse provided strategic guidance and implementation support to the executive management team, on all aspects of component, device and UICC ecosystems, as well as negotiating chipset and device development and sourcing contracts. The main focus was on building a sustainable 4G/ LTE technology ecosystem supporting LightSquared’s spectrum assets, whilst maintaining a clear focus on the adopted wholesale operating model. The success of the work performed by Light the Fuse in building the ecosystem and on-boarding device vendors, was critical to the initial development of LightSquared.


"Light the Fuse’s work on developing our ecosystem for devices, was essential to the success of LightSquared, allowing us to achieve many of our critical milestones, including LightSquared’s ability to meet the gating criteria set by the FCC, development of numerous retail agreements and our ability to secure multi billion dollar financing. Peter’s knowledge, commercially solid approach and ability to build relationships at CxO levels, resulted in the smooth adoption of strategic and contractual initiatives.”

Martin Harriman, EVP Ecosystem Development, LightSquared.


"The work undertaken by Peter in bringing chipset and device vendors into our ecosystem has been a fundamental building block of LightSquared's proposition to prospective retail partners and investors. I am convinced that without Peter, LightSquared would not have achieved the success we have, in such a short period of time."

Frank Boulben, Chief Marketing Officer, LightSquared.


"Peter’s professional and innovative approach to contract negotiations always ensure that the best interest of Harbinger Capital Partners and LightSquared were protected from the outset. Not only did Peter ensure there was a constant flow of information regarding financial impact of contracts under negotiation, but that any contractual blocking points always had solutions that were clearly and concisely articulated." 

Dion Oglesby, Chief Finance Officer (Interim), LightSquared.