Behaviour is branding …


For a few weeks now, our SugarSync service, has not been working. (See, "Sync with added sweetness"). This might seem a strange point, to start a brief blog on branding; however there are two reasons, why we are taking the time to comment …

PRODUCT: Its only when we had the service stop working, that we realised, the true benefit of SugarSync. Having to go back to using USB memory sticks and external hard drives to sync data between PCs, compared to the simplicity of the service, was areal reminder of the true power of the service.

BRANDING: If behaviour is branding, then their Customer Service team are delivering the SugarSync brand, as surely as the Marketing team, with their approach to Blogging, PR etc.

Having used many email or Internet only customer support services and gotten used to the slow, faceless, indifferent support, the team at SugarSync stand out from the crowd. They have managed to turn a potentially faceless customer services route into a positive experience. 

A special mention goes to Burhan, the CS Marvel, who resolved our issue … thank you.

** For the sceptics … SugarSync is not a client of Light the Fuse **