Volkswagen Polo STYLE … belongs in Paris?

VW Polo Style Ad

Back in the Spring of 2008, Citroën UK ran their Unmistakeably German advertising campaign to support the launch of the C5. The premise of the campaign being that the build quality of the C5 could only have be achieved by a German company. The aim was to overcome the negative perception of Citroën build quality, amongst UK consumers.

Now prepare for a little role reversal, as Volkswagon attempt to use German born designer Karl Lagerfeld and the perception of Parisian chic to sell the new Polo STYLE, which is only available in Germany …

In a 32 second TV spot, fashion icon Lagerfeld believes that his two new "very elegant" super models will be the toast of Paris, only to be told they are only available in Germany!

Upon hearing the news Lagerfeld exclaims: "Was!  Nur in Deutschland?" (What! Just in Germany?)

Looking disgusted He follows up with: "Deutschland … diese Modelle gehören nach Paris!"   (Germany … these models belong in Paris!)


… just like Karl Lagerfeld himself!