Kick Start Marketing and Sales.

Using a combination of LTE and 3G cellular networks, Access Broadband provide a monitored super fast broadband service, designed specifically for businesses.

Having created the company, invested in developing a brand identity and commenced sales, Access Broadband wanted to drive the business to the next level.

Light the Fuse were engaged to develop a clear articulation of the business broadband proposition, translate this into a consistent set of collateral and develop a go to market strategy.

Access Broadband Logo

Bullet   Business broadband provider
Bullet   Privately owned
Bullet   B2B




Develop the company’s “monitored superfast broadband” value proposition and go to market strategy, targeting UK businesses. Articulate the updated proposition across web, social and company collateral. Use on-page and off-page SEO techniques to be maximise search performance for brand and product specific keywords.


Bullet   Delivered and articulated an updated value proposition across a new responsive website, consistent social media presence and collateral
Bullet   Eliminated additional agency costs, by removing need for outside web development
Bullet   Achieved number one position on Google for both brand and product related search terms, in many cases outranking BT for the same product keywords

Open   Light the Fuse went the extra mile to ensure we had the on-line presence we need. They delivered the entire project on time and within budget and ensured we didn’t need to spend additional money on web development.

The material they produced is stunning.   Closed


Examples Deliverables.


Access Broadband Web Design

Access Broadband Web Design2

Although not originally planned as a project deliverable, in order to provide Access Broadband with the flexible, cost effective, web presence they needed, Light the Fuse completely redeveloped their existing WordPress site, without impacting project timescale or cost. This ensured no compromise was needed due to the limitations of their old site, eliminated additional agency costs and delivered the functionality and content required.


Access Broadband Collateral

New sales collateral to clearly articulates the monitored super fast broadband proposition.


Access Broadband Search

Using on-page and off-page Search Engine Optimisation techniques to elevate the company’s organic search result to the number 1 position on Google.

Drive organic search ranking for a variety of product related keywords, in many cases outperforming BT.


Access Broadband Social

Set-up and brand a consistent social media presence across LinkedIn, Twitter and Google+. Undertaking initial management; contributing to search optimisation.


Light the Fuse provide effective and flexible, outsourced marketing solutions for ambitious telecoms, technology and IoT businesses, that have little or no in-house marketing expertise. We also provide support to businesses, as they seek to enter new territories or markets.

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