“The Gorilla Phenomenon”

Gorilla Back in September we spotted the Cadbury Dairy Milk "Gorilla" TV advert.

Since then it’s been launched and aired in such prime time TV spots as the final episode of Big Brother, during the recent Rugby World Cup and has been running more or less continuously.

It has been reported in the press, that Cadbury spent £6.2 million on the advert. Despite this it seems to have made Cadbury Executives smile, as they seem to be delighted with the results.

This week, The Mail on Sunday, reported on a internal email that had been leaked to the press. Amongst other news the leaked email referred to an uplift in sales, during October of as much as 15% in one particular week and goes on to refer to sales growth in the month as, "nothing short of staggering".

No wonder it is described in The Mail as, "the gorilla phenomenon".